Richmond | Virginia House

 Some interesting facts about the Virginia House:
    • This very unique building in the Tudor architectural style was moved from Europe to US across the ocean, actually it was constructed from the materials of the 16th century Warwick Priory in Warwickshire, England. The actual mansion which was dismantled and moved has been  created with some remodeling between 1566 -1611. This historic house has very similar history of origin as his neighbor Agecroft Hall.
    •   Here is the original location of the  Warwick Priory:

  • Original  Priory   was a heritage of  a succession of buildings has stood on the low sandstone hill to the north of Warwick for nearly 900 years.  Now this site is occupied by the County Record Office.
  • At the time when first manor was built,  his owner Thomas Hawkins  (Fisher) entertained there the newly crowned Elizabeth I.  The mansion of 1566, was named “Hawkyns Nest”.
  • In the mid-19th century, the manor was purchased by the Lloyds Bank family who put it up for sale at auction in 1925.  House was sold to  Alexander W. Weddell, a wealthy American diplomat.
  • Rebuilding on the new place in Richmond, VA began on November 6, 1925 and the structure was officially turned over several months before the stock market crash in 1929.
  • The american owners Weddells lived at Virginia House until their deaths in a train accident in 1948. The house became the permanent residence of the historic society.
Address: 4301 Sulgrave Rd,
Richmond, VA 23221
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