How has the Tudor house from England got to the US?

Are you familiar with the movie The Ghost Goes West (1935)? It could have subtitle  “This film based on actual events”. The story sais about American businessman who bought a Scottish castle. He shipped it across the Atlantic Ocean to America brick by brick, where it was put back together. But along with the castle, came its hundred old ghost. The plot sounds like fairy tale but it’s not so unrealistic as it seems. Actually there are two old established buildings was moved from Europe to US in the begining of XX century.  One of them – Virginia House Virginia House and another one – Agecroft Hall The interesting facts about the Agecroft Hall. No doubt, the ghosts which remember  times of Henry VIII, Elizabeth’s I, Shakespeare and leter era, have been brought together with walls of these estates.

The Ghost Goes West (1935)The Ghost Goes West (1935)

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Agecroft Hall is a Tudor manor house
Agecroft Hall in Richmond, VA is a Tudor manor house was built in the late 15th century, and was originally located in the historic county of Lancashire, England. Now Tudor manor house and estate is located on the James River, Richmond, Virginia, United States
  • Lancashire, England – place where Tudor mansion was originally located.

The interesting facts about the Agecroft Hall The interesting facts about the Agecroft Hall:

  1. The original spelling at some time have been Achecroft – an ache (wild celery) croft (field). You may see the original location of the mansion in Manchester UK below :The current location of the estate is in Richmond, VirginiaThe current location of Agecroft Hall
  2. Agecroft Hall is a Tudor manor house built in the late 15th century in Lancashire, England.
  3. The hall was bought at auction in 1925 and shipped across the Atlantic Ocean.
  4. The large window  “John of Gaunt Window” with the seal is the one of most valuable survived elements of the original house.  It have been placed to house as a tribute to John of Gaunt -also- Duke of Lancaster for his help with the children protection of in the forest during armed conflict.
  5. Agecroft Hall may have connection with the famous legend “Babes in the Wood” – is a traditional children’s tale about the children who were lost in the forest. One of versions reports that the tale was inspired by an incident (previous interesting fact) at the hall during the reign of Edward III in 1374 year.
  6. In 1561 the property passed to  Anne Langley who married William Dauntesey , son of Richard Dauntesey – gentleman usher to Queen Catherine Howard. Catherine was beheaded after less than two years of marriage to Henry VIII. This transfer happened  three years before Shakespeare was born and three years after Elizabeth had become Queen of England.
  7. The loss of Agecroft raised some protests in Great Britain and provoked a debate in the house of commons.
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