Men’s association house from “The Stepford Wives” movie.


Some interesting facts about the The Lockwood–Mathews Mansion:
  • The Lockwood–Mathews Mansion is a Second Empire style country house (1864)  was featured in the movies The Stepford Wives movie(2004) with Nicole Kidman and House of Dark Shadows.
  • The 62-room mansion has been described as “one of the earliest and finest surviving Second Empire style country houses ever built in the United States.”
  • Mansion was built by LeGrand Lockwood, who made capital in banking and the railroad industry. Financial reversals in 1869 and Lockwood’s death in 1872 resulted in loss the mansion and grounds through foreclosure by family.
  • In the 1950s, the building was threatened with demolition, but local preservationists succeeded in saving it.
  • Paramount Pictures paid the museum $400,000 to paint the central rotunda of the house, which was used as a filming location for the second version of The Stepford Wives.

The screen shots of the movie scenes :

The pictures of house in present days:

Address: 295 West Avenue,
Norwalk, CT 06850,
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