Open the image of a building:

    • Select the building, using Magnetic Lasso Tool or Magic Wand Tool.
    • Copy and paste it into Sky Image.
    • Transform it in Edit > free transform and perspective transform.
    • Repeat these actions for texture of the ground, rocks or other surface.
    • Make smooth transitions between borders of the sky, building and the ground using a Clone Stamp and Blur Tool.
    • If you have difficulties, the detailed description in the example here.

    Creation of Ice effect:

    • Click on Quick Mask.
    • Fill the areas which are supposed to be icy using soft brush.

    • Click on Quick Mask again:

    • Go to Filter > Artistic > Plastic warp:

    • Filter > Distort > Glass:

    • Make the building transparent like an ice.
    • Erase some places using soft and translucent brush.

    • I have added a small fog in the new layer.
    • I used a soft translucent brush and the Guassian Blur filter.

    And here is the result! Click for larger view.

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