Alexandra FomichevaMy name is Alexandra Fomicheva.

I have been interested in design from the early childhood and started from drawing and painting. As well as many children I was drawing relatives, friends and characters of cartoon films and fairy tales. Later the hobby became more serious and I went to art school where I spent 8 years.

After finishing school I entered the university and graduated with honors. I'm holding Master Degree in Graphic Design. While studying in the university I became interested in different graphic design software technologies and started creating digital art works. The works became popular and may be found all over the web.

I'm doing all kinds of graphic/web development/web design for different clients and some of the works maybe found on this website. Photoshop Tutorials created by me and presented on became a good educational tool for lots of people on the web and website traffic is constantly growing as people get to know more and more about this resource.


Publishing Photoshop tutorial in the German DigitalPHOTO Photoshop magazine.

Mysterious, fantastic island Mysterious, fantastic island